Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Secret to Simple Yet Fabulous Life

P.s:My optimism enables me to live happily every seconds in my life.^ ^

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Blur gurl, You Are Not Alone!!!!!! ~ ~ ~

Blurness illness rampant in Malaysia!!!!!!!

Victim No.1: Satchid

I checked my facebook and

found that Satchid

had sent me

belated birthday wishes.

I was stunned and like *wth*

when I saw the message

My birthday was on 17th December

last year la!!!!!!~~~

So was the birthday wishes

for last year's?!!!!!

Well I thought he might be

sent wrongly

which he supposes to

send to yoong chee(April baby)


but I hate to

admit this

The birthday wishes

is written like this:

"Kah Mun! happy belated birthday yahhh:) "

which meant that he knew he was

sending to me la


why is he so blur????!!!!!!

Victim No.2: Mama Tain

I asked my beloved mummy

to help me to buy apples
in wet market few days ago

I was too regret not to

accompany her

She had bought 90 apples in a box

from the market!!!!!!!!!!

Is she going to run fruit stall business?!?!?!!


Have you ever tried stuffing 90 APPLES

into your fridge?!!!!!!!

Well this might consider
small matter

As my fridge is kinda big

to accomodate those

lovely red apples

the Problem is?

How am I gona to

finish it?

it looked like I gotta

eat apples

every single day

Anyone willing to help me to

clear all these?????!!!!!!!


An Apple A day, Keep The Illness At Bay

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Short But Interesting "BANGLA" Birthday post

Blur gurl,

we all know that you can't live without us!!!!~~~~
* wink wink*

Dancing time!!!!!!~~~

but looked like those warm-up session in
Pendidikan Jasmani Class
back then in
primary school life rite??!!!!

thanks to TGIF's funny and
waiters and waitress
for making the birthday surprises
to Blur Gurl

(Am I polite??? haha)

Now only I found that
The most most UNIQUE tradition of BANGLADESHI










*please observe two shots below*

Blowing the flames of candles by shutting both eyes???!!!
Or maybe she was using
some kind of "energy"
peepers to blow off
the flames
wow.. Cool man
Maybe I should learn this
from her..yay
-.-"" crapping too much

I guess she had found her

*clap clap*

She was the one who led us to sing
Birthday song for Miss Bangla
Does she looks professional?

What do you guys think???

Well the singing bufday song session
went well without her instruction

Her existance is actually not

there were some black sheep(s) who made the whole session less perfect
looked at others busy singing birthday song
Busy posing !!!!!!
Somemore the same DOUBLE V pose

when my camera detected
their face

Paparazzi TAIN spotted 3 onlookers
laughing at
Miss Bangla's blurness
Yc might kill u guys after seeing this

TGIF's waiter stole one of her sandal and
replaced with
fantastic combination
Pity her

But still
She clapped for what she
has experienced

Maybe she was too




Neither of those

Its just that she is BLUR!!!!!


Congrats for turning twenty
years old OFFICIALLY

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Excuse Me.. Are you A Blogger?????

Queen M's Blog Is Alive Now!!!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~

Definitely a good news for my loyal readers

who kept on complaining my dissapearance

and bombarding my chatbox

for the last two months

Isn't PERTH nice????~~~
However Queen M is more fancy to SINGAPORE hehe

My skin is as fair as their skin (clap)
but my peepers not as beautiful as their peepers (weep)

Queen M will be a Broadcasting student on 1st of June in UTAR,PJ campus
Haiz..there will be zillion of assignments for this course
Nightmare going to start soon
I felt relieved as it
don't require any Mathematics knowledge

The amount of deposit that I should pay
to become the student~~

Working in Pavilion was FUN!!!!!~ ~
as I was the BEST promoter for Haier
Not supposed to post this shot here
Lip Kent was the "BEST" promoter for P1 w1max as well
for the details of his victory in sales career
refer to his blog
Anyway would this shot make him jealous of me ?!!!!!

Lip kent, Am I your role model now??????
Dun worry
Failure is the key to success~~

these shots just to satisfy my reader's peepers

more updates soon~~

Monday, February 9, 2009

House Hopping,10th FEB 2009

House hopping on the last day of CNY(15th)

CNY for 2009 has been OVER!!!!

we were having THROWING MANDARIN ORANGE CONTEST in my house

haha...joking joking

Nothing else we can do except GAMBLE

1st station: Queen M's place

kaki judi(s)
why were you holding books during gambling time,winney????
STPM had been over

youngsters can't live without INTERNET nowadays

photogenic woman

yin likes to stretch her hands.
I have no idea why she did that all the time

see...yin did it again..
whose hand is shorter?hehe

terr: I want all the money!!!!! (he's so greedy man)

My top is too ONG to win so much money

2nd station: Kent's place

Loyal TVB fans

kent's gambling addiction is controlled by his lil bro
playing cards being threw by his lil bro into dustbin

kent is well known for his good drawing skill..
so does his lil bro..
his bro's talent is being showed on the wall in the room

this photo looked like a family photo...-.-" muahaha
the saliva of kent's lil bro is for me wan..keke

the visitors including me who was the photoghapher

kent mint jo

we were on the highest floor..19th floor..extremely high

so it is great for

Buttocks advertisement
(if I were in the shot I was definitely outshine them)hahahaha


yummy.. so many CNY cookies on the dinner table...guess whose house is this?!!!!!

She is the owner...-.-"
do u guess correctly????

haha...we dropped by our miss siew's place just for CNY cookies tasting session
for free

this is the only shot I found kent and yin talking to each other in a harmonious environment argument at all

-Group shot-
taken by kai lee's maid.. she seriously has to take up phototaking courses
pity konichiwa japan Hui min's face

4th station: Feli's place

Snow white vs Obama

V pose winney
( how come u din pose with ur mandarin orange)

noticed what kai lee has done for the 3 pics below :

every1 was paying attention during game time.
Only miss siew was busy holding drinks and foods.

u looked SEXY when u were lying against couch

no more 'V' pose for them

feli, you are so vibrant in making the pose!!!!

5th station: Mei sern's shop

camwhore business begins

Am I look like pilot? damn glittering la the top frame of the sunnies

introducing a dedicated and responsible sales assistant in centrepoint boutique

(frankly,she is more to online than serving customers...haha)
the desktop proved everything -.-"

that long necklace made ur outfit look good

Mei sern, u should employ me as your sunnies model in your shop.keke